Kaidra was a dear friend of mine for over 25 years. The day she received her cancer diagnosis, I remember talking to her on the phone and even though she was completely terrified of what was to come, she had hope. She asked me to send her all the good vibes and shortly after her Good Vibe Tribe was created. Throughout her battle, she often turned to her GVT for support, encouragement, and prayers, but she also called on her tribe many times to give that same support to others who were fighting alongside her. She would want more than anything for her Good Vibe Tribe to live on, for her tribe to continue to support those who face this unimaginable battle and I can’t think of a better way to honor my friend and keep her legacy alive.

- Ashlee Krahenbuhl

Kaidra was one of the brightest souls I have ever met. Over the years, Kaidra made sure to come to every important moment in my life. I am apart of Kaidra's Good Vibe Tribe to continue shining her light and bringing her fire to other important moments of people's lives.

- Seanie Petersen

My friendship with Kaidra started when we were freshmen in high school, but I honestly feel like I have known her all of my life. Our friendship was one of the most special bonds that I have ever had and I will forever be grateful that God put her in my life. Over the years, Kaidra has taught me many valuable things such as how to be strong for yourself and those around you, and the power of faith, positivity, and hope. I feel that it is my duty to help carry on her legacy and channel her positive vibes, spirit and support to those fighting a similar fight. This is what Kaidra would want and I know she is proud of what we have created. KGVTF is who we are.

- Cristina Marfoglia

I am a member of Kaidra’s Good Vibe Tribe Foundation because I want her legacy to live on. She was such an inspiration and amazing friend to everyone. She fought the battle head on and was very open with everyone about her feelings and what was going on with her. Kaidra was the true definition of a fighter. Kaidra was a wife, mother, teacher and an amazing friend. I am so excited to be a part of this and help carry on her fighting spirit through this foundation. Her friendship meant so much to me and I will forever cherish her friendship.

- Lacey Hendrickson

A good friend is a blessing and Kaidra was a great friend. She genuinely supported my hopes and dreams, and celebrated life’s biggest moments with me. Kaidra was also the kind of friend that cried with you during the hardest times. She told me the hard truths when they needed to be said, and always did it in a loving way. Kaidra touched so many lives, including mine. I am a part of KGVT because I want to carry on Kaidra’s legacy and memory. I want others to experience the kindness and support Kaidra always gave to me. And, I would like her children to see what their Mom started, continued and the affect she had/has on so many.

- Ashley Patros

Kaidra was my big sister, role model, and best friend. She was the person I talked on the phone with everyday and knew every detail of my life. Kaidra was the true definition of a fighter, not letting her diagnosis affect her happiness. Throughout her cancer journey, Kaidra impacted so many people. Many other brain cancer fighters were inspired by her to fight a little harder and share their stories. I am part of this organization because I want to carry on Kaidra’s legacy and help others the way Kaidra would have helped them. Brain cancer currently does not have a cure. The best way we can support people battling this disease is by lessening their worries by sending them good vibes, raising funds, and spreading awareness. This is the small part we can do in honor of Kaidra to support families who are experiencing the difficulties that come with brain cancer.

- Kailee Myxter

I am forever thankful for having the opportunity to be even just a small part of Kaidras life. She was strong, resilient and had a way of always looking at the brighter side even in the darkest of times. I am a part of KGVT to honor Kaidra by helping others that are in a similar position, and to help shine that light in their dark times.

- Kelly Pederson

Kaidra is the most positive, selfless, and caring person that I’ve known. She had a confidence about her that radiated and grew contagious. After seeing Kaidra, your day was instantly brightened. As a good friend of Kaidra’s, I could count on her for anything. Kaidra and I connected immediately when we had our first class together in college. Little did I know that she would become one of my best friends. We shared countless memories together that I will forever cherish. Kaidra was so impactful that she grew close to my close friends and my family as well. She was like an angel sent from heaven. When Kaidra found out she had cancer, she grew even stronger. She continued to stay positive and made sure that no one felt sorry for her. Kaidra’s ‘good vibe tribe’ was the perfect name for her support system because the name matched her personality. She was always positive and her tribe is what helped her keep going. I am honored to be a part of the Good Vibe Tribe Foundation because it honors Kaidra and who she was, despite battling brain cancer. Kaidra deserves the world so let’s give it to her!

- Kelli Stoll

Kaidra and I have known each other since we were 4 years old. Then we lost touch and reconnected in elementary school at a dance company, from then on our friendship continued to grow. We were BFF’s, her family was mine and mine was hers. As we got older she moved away to ND and I stayed in Vegas, however our dream was to always have houses next to each other, we’d both be married with kiddos, and get to hangout all the time so we could chill on the couch and eat ice cream whenever we wanted! I’ll never forget the day she called me about the news of her Brain Cancer. I told her she has to fight and together we were going to get through this. And a fight she put on indeed. Kaidra was a warrior, she inspired me and knowing her you would have never thought she was fighting a battle. No matter what, when hanging out with Kaidra she brought energy to the room, made you feel seen and heard. She listened to actually listen because she cared so much about others. God put Kaidra in many people’s lives / hearts as she created the Good Vibe Tribe. A platform she developed to share her journey, her fight, and mission to leave a legacy for the greater good. I know God has given me a deep desire to continue the Good Vibe Tribe. In addition, to share his grace and the impact Kaidra had on a community to reach those fighting brain cancer whom need hope. He’s also given me gifts to be able to lead, encourage and equip people to do this so we can continue to spread love.

- Jenna Consiglio

I want to be able to have Kaidra’s legacy live on forever, all while helping many families who are experiencing the hardship of brain cancer so they can be surrounded and supported by an amazing community.

- Lacey Spencer

Kaidra was hands down one the most inspirational people I have ever known. God gave me her as a best friend and she meant so much to me. I wanted to be a part of KGVTF to always carry on Kaidras legacy and to help others along the way that are facing cancer. Kaidras tribe was strong and I want others to feel that love while they are going through their fight! Kaidra will be with us every step of the way guiding us.

- Britt Veasey

I wanted to be apart of a movement that embodies Kaidra. She was so strong, resilient, a fighter, a mother, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, and friend. She was funny, lovable, caring, strong, and gifted. All of those describe one of us here at GVT. We were fortunate enough to stand beside Kaidra, fight with her, and love her through one of the hardest battles she ever fought. Now it’s our time to fight in her name, and help those who are just like her.

We will strive to give our all- through Kaidra, and make our tribe- your tribe, too. Kaidras Tribe. I feel honored to have known the love and light that is Kaidra, and we will shed that light wherever we go.

- Morgan Maloney

Kaidra and I met when we were pregnant with our first daughters. We were working at the school together. We were both just starting to share the news of our pregnancies. We seemed to connect almost instantly. We then spent that first summer together watching our husbands play softball together. We ended up being best mom friends. Our girls are the same ages. We went through all of the struggles together at the same times. We always could count on each other for support. She always picked me up when I was needing help getting myself together. She never judged me but instead told me I’ve got this. Kaidra supported everyone. When it was our turn to support her, we sent those good vibes every chance we could. Now we want to continue to share those good vibes by helping others through Kaidra’s Good Vibe Tribe Foundation.

- Cherisa Berger

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